Getting married on a 125 yacht out in the middle of the open waters is a majestic and romantically unique setting for weddings in Destin. More and more SOLARIS couples are using drone videos to capture the unobstructed, 360 degree views of their yacht weddings on the beautiful emerald green waters of Destin Florida.
Drone photography and videos are taking Destin weddings to new heights and continue to be all the rage for SOLARIS yacht weddings. It’s the optimal way to capture a SOLARIS yacht sunset wedding on the sky deck in all its glory. Nothing compares to the aerial footage you get with a drone video. Watch these drone videos below:


Some things our wedding planners caution about drone videos:
1. Noise – the drones can be loud so discuss things with your videography/photographer before. Filming might have to be postponed at certain times to avoid it being a distraction.
2. Have a back up plan – Drones can’t fly in increment / windy weather (luckily, you can also get married in the two indoor spaces of the SOLARIS) and you will want some traditional photos so be sure to have a regular photographer/videographer on hand for the big day as well.
3. Experience – make sure you book an experienced drone videographer. Our wedding planners have a list of preferred vendors who are familiar with the SOLARIS Yacht and can connect you with the right person.
4. Prepare – just like with everything else with the wedding, you want this to be perfect and to your expectations. Make sure to take discuss your vision and expectations with your videographer and do a dry run on the SOLARIS yacht and the wedding planners to ensure a smooth sailing process.
5. Ideal for SOLARIS yacht weddings – Since most SOLARIS yacht weddings in Destin Fla are destination weddings, drone videos are perfect to showcase the entire destination from a 360 degree view. Also, the wide open spaces of the local waters in Destin and Sandestin are the ideal location for drone videos