Destin Florida Wedding Trends for 2019 by Our Wedding Planners

Creativity is whirling in our office as our amazingly talented wedding planners are busy working with couples to personalize their Destin Florida weddings. All the Destination Wedding buzz is focused around making each wedding as personalized, unique and memorable as possible. Our couples are focused on giving their guests the most unforgettable experience at their Destin Fl wedding. These unique details center around not only their theme or colors but really planning a Destin Fl wedding that reflects their personality as a couple.
Our wedding planners have come up with customized weddings for each our couples that not only include unique Destin wedding venues, flowers and decor but varied catering and food options and different experiences for them and their guests. Here is an overview of some of the most trending ideas for Destin Fl Destination Weddings for 2019:

Destin Wedding Flowers and Decor

Our in-house florists and Destin wedding planners are all in with trending metallic themes and a blend of colors for Destin weddings. Many couples are asking for golds and coppers to accent their wedding flowers, centerpieces and receptions. Instead of picking one color scheme, our wedding planners are using multiple bright, vibrant colors that look cohesive but not necessarily in the same color scheme.
Greenery also continues to be popular, with added pops of colors. Structural floral installations such as Large Floral Rings and Monogrammed Floral Wreaths are also being used in our Destin weddings.


Customizing Your Destin Fl Wedding

The sky’s the limit for what our wedding planners can do to make your dreams a reality. There are countless ways to customize your wedding to be as unique as the couple that you are. Many couples are asking for dynamic standout signage, monograms and custom hashtags. Another dynamic way to wow your guests is with custom lighting or accent walls to set a romantic or modern tone for your wedding and reception.
One couple commissioned an artist to do a live painting of them during their wedding ceremony on the SOLARIS sky deck. It’s also a standout idea to mix and match everything and think outside of the box. Why not put a chandelier outside on the SOLARIS sky deck for your wedding?


Unforgettable Destin Wedding Experiences for You and Your Guests

Some of our couples are replacing traditional wedding favors for experiential favors for guests like interactive photo booths with pictures they can take home. An unforgettable experience for couples that is trending this year is adventurous portraits taken during your Destin wedding. Our wedding planners have list of preferred Destin wedding photographers that are familiar with our wedding venue’s lighting and layout. The SOLARIS yacht is an amazingly unique Destin wedding venue that offers multiple ways to capture adventurous pictures in a majestic setting. A delicious experience is Interactive food stations like Mac and Cheese bars.
For Florida Destination weddings, couples are planning wedding weekends, complete with a variety of unforgettable experiences. Many couples are welcoming their guests with a Destin Beach Bonfire, planned and catered by SunQuest Cruises. A great “Day after the BIG Day” celebration could be a Crab Island Cruise or Dolphin Cruise on our sister boat the SunVenture. Couples are also seeking out-of-the-box Destin wedding venues, like the SOLARIS yacht to give their guests a memorable experience. Why not give your guests a fireworks show from your yacht reception? Now that’s unforgettable! Take a virtual tour of our Destin wedding venue here.

So you love these ideas but are on a budget. How do you decide which trends to go with? Our wedding planners work closely with each couple, even ones across the country, to pinpoint their vision for their Destin wedding. Together we can identify the top things that are most important to you and find creative ideas that meet your budget and vision. Our Destin wedding packages include all-inclusive pricing and the services of our wedding planners. Contact our wedding planners today.