The SOLARIS serves the freshest and finest coastal cuisines from its Destin fine dining menu on all of its weekly dinner and sunset cruises, weddings and private cruises. Our chefs use only fresh, local Gulf Seafood, prime beef and hormone-free, never frozen chicken. Everything is prepared fresh on board the yacht’s galley.
Integral in many of our dishes is the SOLARIS seasoning we have created. Our seasoning is a bridge between say “Old Bay” and “Lawry’s” which makes it so versatile. Blended together are fresh cracked Black Pepper, Kosher Salt, Celery Salt, granulated Garlic, smoked Paprika, Cayenne, Oregano & Onion powder.
The main purpose for our SOLARIS seasoning is to enhance the flavor of the dishes we utilize it with. That enters into the age old scuttlebutt of “seasoning” versus “salting”. The secret is to season throughout the process rather than at the end and “Always Be Tasting” – a motto in our Galley.
Always wishing the great meat and local seafood we use to speak for itself, our Chef’s utilize caution in over- seasoning. Cuisine which has been seasoned properly does not taste salty but does have a brighter, more vibrant and more intertwined flavors of the dish.
So our SOLARIS seasoning has become the proper vessel to accomplish smooth sailing in doing so. We invite you to join our weekly Destin fine dining and sunset cruises to experience it for yourself.
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